94-04 Cory hybrid oak

Tree Description:

94-04   A)  This Cory hybrid oak has the same parent species as 94-03. This one, however, was propagated from a broadly spreading parent in the Oak Ridge Garden of the Good Shepherd while 94-03 was grown from a tall, pyramidal tree no longer standing. We plan to watch these trees as they mature to see if the growth habits of the parents were inherited by this generation.

94-04   B)   This Cory hybrid oak (Quercus ×coryana, = Q. bicolor × Q. muehlenbergii) came from seed collected here at Oak Ridge Cemetery, north across the road from the west entrance in the Garden of the Good Shepherd block. The parent tree, one of two planted many decades ago (most likely as swamp white oak), was the more spreading and picturesque of the two original hybrid trees. Its hybrid identity was confirmed by dendrologist Dr. George Ware of the Morton Arboretum. Several specimens of this interesting cross can be found in Oak Ridge.


A)  39.820989 N, 89.653619 W     Get walking directions here.

B)  39.818142 N, 89.660622 W     Get walking directions here.

94-04-Q_bicxmuhl-W Nurs-second tree  94-04-Q_bicxmuhl-W Nurs-4  94-04-Q_bicxmuhl-W Nurs-second tree2

94-04-Q_bicxmuhl-W Nurs-second tree3

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