Adopted Trees

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility.”

― Wendell Berry

In memory of Karl M. (Mick) Weissberg. A founding member of the Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation, an arborist and a tree lover.

21-01 Sternberg Hybrid Oak
adopted on July 4, 2021


In Memory of Deb Lauer Toelle

97-07 Chinkapin Oak 
adopted on October 24, 2019


Adopted by Ginny R. Lee in HONOR of her brother John Lee

95-20C Bebb Oak 
adopted on October 27, 2019


Adopted by Guy & Edie Sternberg

0-033 Osage Orange
adopted on November 26, 2019


In Memory of Betty L. Pruden who gave much for the benefit of others.  By Ross & Sheila P. Hodel.

0-009 Framing Oak
adopted on December 9, 2019 

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