Emperor Oak

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Tree Description:

94-15    The Emperor oak (Quercus dentata) is an ornamental species from eastern Asia. We have several of these unusual trees scattered around the grounds. This one has been grown at Starhill Forest Arboretum from the beautiful acorns of some of the oldest specimens in Illinois, collected in China by the Morton Arboretum. It will breed true because it is not closely related enough to any American oaks to hybridize.

95-16    The emperor oak (Quercus dentata), also known as the Daimyo oak in Japan, has been planted at several locations throughout Oak Ridge Cemetery. It is a variable, medium-sized tree from China, Japan, and Korea, with heavy twigs, large leaves, and attractively fringed acorns. This individual specimen, planted here in 1995,came from a particularly ornamental tree planted in Kentucky and it was grown from seed collected for us by the director of the Seneca Arboretum in Louisville.


94-15   39.820617 N, 89.654014 W     Get walking directions here.

95-16   39.818096 N, 89.662004 W     Get walking directions here.

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