Northern Red Oak

Tree Description:

97-15    The northern red oak (Quercus rubra) is common in our general area but, preferring slightly different soil, is not often seen as a remnant of the original forest of Oak Ridge. We have found only one very old red oak here, growing on a shaded north-facing slope. Our young tree was grown from seed of the specimen next to the statue of Governor Yates on the State Capitol grounds. In time red oak can become one of the largest of all oaks in Illinois.

0-034      This Northern red oak (Quercus rubra) might have been planted here next to the Bell Tower, or it could be one of the few spontaneous red oaks in the cemetery. It shades the inscribed stone from the original burial vault, inlaid into the tower wall on the west side.


97-15   –  39.820708 N, 89.655519 W

0-034  –  39.824331 N, 89.655404 W


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