Overcup Oaks

Tree Description:

0-010   Two overcup oaks (Quercus lyrata), including this one, may be seen at Lincoln’s Tomb (the other is west of the parking lot below the wall) as well as two more at Lincoln’s New Salem. These trees are not native here and might have been brought nearly a century ago from Lincoln’s birthplace, where they can be found in lowland areas of the native forest. They have beautiful spring and fall color and are very resistant to damage from flooding.

01-03      Overcup oak (Quercus lyrata) is a tree of southern swamps that is our most flood tolerant oak but does very well when planted on higher ground. Watch for its purple leaf color in early spring and a very rich fall color as well. This tree, one of several we have planted in Oak Ridge, was grown from seed gathered from specimen 0-010 that was planted long ago along the drive to Lincoln’s tomb. We believe that original tree was one of several, both here and at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site near Petersburg, grown from seed found in the vicinity of Lincoln’s birthplace in Kentucky, and thus it is closely related to tree #97-21, the hybrid Hess oak.


0-010   39.822538 N, 89.656477 W     Get walking directions here.

01-03   39.818084 N, 89.662934 W     Get walking directions here.

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