Silver Maple

Tree Description:

0-002   This cut-leaf cultivar of our native silver maple (Acer saccharinum f. Laciniatum) probably was planted during the early 1900s when the central valley of Oak Ridge featured the lagoons – it was a popular ornamental shade tree in the late 1800s and develops a fine texture and slightly pendulous habit.

0-038    Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) is one of the largest and most common shade trees in the Midwest. There are selected cultivars available, but most trees like this one are seed-grown from wild stock. Those that are pruned properly in youth can become majestic specimens, but more often they are improperly pruned (topped) and made hazardous instead.


0-002   39.82406 N, 89.658083 W

0-038   39.826039 N, 89.654949 W


Get walking directions here to 0-002.

Get walking directions here to 0-038.

Pictures of 0-002

Pictures of 0-038

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