Cory Hybrid Oak

Tree Description:

94-03 g   This Cory oak (Quercus ×coryana) is one of several grown from a tall, pyramidal parent tree in Oak Ridge that was a cross of chinkapin oak and swamp white oak (Quercus muehlenbergii × Q. bicolor). Others can be found nearby and around the Abbey. The parent tree has since been removed due to storm damage. The leaves and acorns are intermediate between those of the parent species, and the upper bark peels slightly like that of swamp white oak but not as much. We plan to watch each of these trees as they mature to see which of the characteristics of each parent species were inherited by this generation.

Location:     39.825197 N, 89.661296 W

Map:     Get walking directions here.

94-03 h   This is another Cory oak (Quercus ×coryana) from the same parentage as 94-03e above. The two trees are planted near each other so compare them and look for the subtle differences in their leaves, bark, and acorns.

Location:     39.824892 N, 89.661254 W

Map:     Get walking directions here.

Other Cory hybrid oaks in Oak Ridge Cemetery: 94-03 b-e94-03 f,  and  94-04

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