Oak, Sternberg Hybrid

Tree Description:

21-01    The Sternberg Hybrid Oak (Quercus xsternbergii ) was grown from seed collected wild in the restricted natural range around Dallas, Texas. The nothospecies was named by Professor Reinhold Luebbert of Duesseldorf, Germany in 2001 for Guy Sternberg, the first president of the International Oak Society and the donor of more than 700 trees to Oak Ridge beginning in 1994. Luebbert published it in his World Compendium of Oaks in 2006. It is a medium-sized, occasionally clumping tree with very colorful red autumn foliage that clings into winter. The nothospecies originated from hybridization of Quercus buckleyi (from west Texas) and Quercus shumardii (from Dallas eastward) in the narrow zone where their ranges are sympatric, or overlapping. It was planted at Oak Ridge in 2021 at 39.820974 degrees North and -89.656170 degrees West.

Adopted on July 4th, 2021 This tree is adopted and dedicated by Suzie Weissberg to her late husband Mick Weissberg. Mick was a certified arborist who served as a tree guide for our tours and was the guide for the largest tree in Springfield during our first tour.


39.820974 N , 89.656170 W

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