Pitch Pine

0-055      Many decades ago, a border of pitch pine (Pinus rigida) was planted along the southwestern boundary of Oak Ridge. Surviving neglect and abuse, this North American native is an ideal tree for such a situation, far from the watchful eyes and attention of maintenance crews. It is unusual among pines in that it develops small branches and tufts of needles directly from the trunk. The trees probably came from the Illinois State Conservation Nursery at Jonesboro. The nursery has now closed, and it is likely that none of those who planted the trees are still around to remember, but many of these tough, picturesque old pines still remain today. The border planting runs from this plaque west to the corner and then turns north to the west entrance near the War Memorials area.


39.818056 N, 89.661839 W  (East tree of row)

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