Shagbark Hickory

0-040     The shagbark hickory (Carya ovata) is one of the most common hickory species in Illinois. There are several old-growth specimens here at Oak Ridge which might date back to before the cemetery was founded. It has very strong wood and a rich yellow fall color, and provides delicious nuts prized by squirrels (as well as people who make nut bread).

99-06      Three shagbark hickory trees (Carya ovata) seen here were grown from seed of a tall specimen found at Land Between the Lakes near Kentucky Lake Dam in Kentucky. There also are other representatives of this hickory found elsewhere at Oak Ridge. It has edible nuts and is probably the most common hickory in Illinois, being native to every Illinois county.


0-040   39.825020 N, 89.655825 W     Get walking directions here!

99-06   39.819550 N, 89.662972 W (North tree of three)     Get walking directions here!

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